• Paper selection

    Choosing the right paper for a print
    Image shows part of two photo printing papers for comparison

    Choosing the best fine art photo paper can be a difficult decision because not all papers suit all images.

    In the example above the two papers are different weights, one is 315 gsm the other 285 gsm, would you notice the difference? only by the feel. The 315 gram paper is marginally thicker and slightly less flexible. They have the same matt finish so visually they are very similar. Both produce a beautiful range of colour tones but if you look closely there are subtle differences between them. Look at the colour of the boat hull and the definition in the water ripples. This is the full image for comparison.



    This is one of the reasons I prefer not to specify a particular paper on the image pages. Papers are discontinued as new alternatives are introduced and the professional printers I use change the papers they offer.

    Another example is the image below, this looks stunning on a bright white matt paper but would look terrible on a mettalic finish unless lit by a spotlight.

    A coloured hen

     This close up illustrates the quality both of the original image and the paper.

    Close up of tail feathers


    Alternative finishes

    Images to be mounted under acrylic glass will require a different type of paper for the process and if it is a  Chromaluxe® print you have ordered it will be printed directly on to aluminium.

    One thing you can be sure of is that the best paper for your image will always be chosen to give you a limited edition print to treasure.